Steve Blom

Media Buyer, Competitive Intelligence

Specialist and All Around Good Guy.

Who is Steve Blom?

Steve Blom currently works for Yada Yada Marketing and Celebrity Cred as a paid traffic specialist and media buyer, which these days requires a lot of competitive intelligence and reverse engineering of other competitors advertising campaigns in order to have any given campaign be successful.

I am really interested these days in real time bidding, artificial intelligence, all kinds of competitive analysis tools, different advertising and remarketing platforms, jazz fusion guitar playing, the funny internet meme of the hour, cat pictures, solar energy, electric cars, and the hidden entrance to Dr Evils secret volcano lair.

I’ve been on the internet since the days of dialup and optimizing title tags for Alta Vista. Nothing surprises me any more.


  • competitive Intelligence Media Buying 100% 100%
  • PPC 100% 100%
  • Sales Funnels 100% 100%
  • Remarketing 100% 100%


  • Sales Funnels 100% 100%
  • Paid Traffic Campaigns 80% 80%
  • Launching new Businesses 100% 100%
  • Indian and Jazz fusion Guitar 100% 100%
  • World Domination 101% 101%

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