Took me awhile to hunt down the ACTUAL link, not a bunch of 2nd and 3rd party sources on this.

This is gonna be huge, and no one is really talking about it much, for some entrepreneurs it will be a game changer:

We are rapidly getting to the point where Humans simply can’t keep up with the volume of information and interactions thrown at them, and increasingly will have to turn to “digital assistants” like Siri (Apple), Google Now, Cortana (Microsoft), and EchoSiri (Amazon)  to help us. In order to actually be a good digital assistant, a program has to be smart. Artificial intelligence and its related types of technologies are increasingly being tapped to provide these better programs.

AI is pretty much everywhere already and you don’t tend to notice it, but so far AI has only been owned by big corporations like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, and of course the military.

The university of michigan will be releasing tomorrow one of the best organized open source artificial intelligence platforms with tutorials. This means if you are a programmer you can go download the code and create your own AI program. There are numerous commercial applications to this, and services that are yet to be developed. So, a couple links:

Here is the conference where it will be released

Here is the tutorial

Here is where you download the software

If you “don’t get it” after reading the above, think about this- what if you OWNED Siri on your iphone, and could customize her or hire someone to customize her on the code level. What if you could create a special app that used artificial intelligence to do better things, like sort through friend lists, book reservations, find things for you, compare prices. What if you could talk to your assistant and they could talk back intelligently, do things for you, all for free?

Anyway, you all have been warned, now get back to those cat pictures.