( ME )
re-download account again, I created a new campaign that has 4 adgroups with no keywords, that are in the following categories/strategies:
1) interests only ( not remarketing )
2) placements only, no DCO
3) placements only with DCO
4) topic only
Google is going to take away one of these soon, I forget which, but no keywords, specific types of sites is the idea

Everything else we have takes keywords as its primary targeting with the exception of the remarketing campaigns which are strictly for that.

This gives us a place to try a couple kinda sideways things

(employee #1)

ok, now i believe you when you say you are after world domination. you are like a crazed scientist in a lab in dungeon with this stuff. it’s taking five minutes just to clear the changes.
I think you should become a super villain or Trump’s running mate or both.

Speaking of crazy things
i just put half-and-half in my pepsi now i have cream soda.

( ME )
I believe this is correct, on all counts, except that the quantity of bacon and caffeine must increase